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I have been an avid keto follower for years and struggled with sticking with it. I would lose weight, then fall off the wagon, to gain some if not all of it back. I was losing hope. I loved the way I felt on Keto-I had more energy, my joints didn’t ache, I slept better. I felt great! Sticking with it, though, was hard. I love fruit, brown rice, macaroni salad in the summer, I am sure you get the point here. All these things were stuff you are not allowed to eat on the Keto diet. (take that back you can have certain kinds of berries, in moderation) Anyways, you get the picture. Well then, a friend turned me over to the Arbonne 30 day challenge. Although I have not made it 30 days yet, I am only on day 4; I have to share my results so far. I have ENERGY!! LOTS OF IT!!
The bloating that I experienced on a daily is GONE… The joints that were aching, well, it is GONE! I am eating fruit, brown rice, and pasta (brown rice pasta). I replaced two meals a day with an Arbonne shake because I have enough weight to lose, LOL. I am also proudly down 5.3 pounds. In just four days.. that is right four days. I would love to share more with you and will as I progress on this program. Stay tuned for before and after pics (after 30 days, of course). Also, if you want to ask me about the program or have questions, I would love to hear from you.

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