About Us

Keeping it Serious

As I am sitting here trying to determine what it is I want to say in the about me section, I realize I need to be honest. I am a modern Christian woman, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. (yes that is right, I am THAT old). I am tired of hearing lies, every day, on social media, in the news, in politics, in the church, they are everywhere. I created this blog to start exposing the truth, keeping it serious! To also share what I am learning in regard to the Great Awakening! So join me for some REAL TALK!

Keeping it Serious
  • Discuss real events
  • Fact check every topic discussed
  • Be prepared to reveal where facts came from
  • Expose Media Lies
  • Keep an open mind to the input of others
  • Remind others this is about the truth not opinion
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